Party Girl. 2008-2014. Aluminum.

Chosen to receive the “People’s Choice Award” at the Warped Milwaukee 5th Annual Art Exhibition.

Completed in October of 2014, Party Girl is the culmination of six years of experimentation and labor. Made from aluminum pull tabs recycled from canned beverages, the piece is both allegory and literal garment. It has been fitted to my body, and takes 20 minutes to don and 30 minutes to remove due to the nature of the recycled chainmail. The garment must be opened and closed on one side to put on, but is entirely closed as one uninterrupted fabric.

I created the piece in response to both the unrealistic and entirely male driven imagery represented by chainmail clad vixens in fantasy mediums, and the act of ‘going out on the town’ as a female. “Party Girl” is an ultra-feminine garment in that it is revealing and form fitting. However, it is also armor.

Valkyrie. 2007. Plastic, Black Duck Tape, and Paper.

“Valkyrie” was constructed primarily from plastic trash bags, with small paper ‘wings’ adorning the headdress. The outfit consisted of a shirt with wing-like capes fastened to the wrists, an over skirt tied at the hip, and a pair of black shorts cut to fit the artist and closed with black duck tape. The piece was meant to be reminiscent of 19th century paintings of the handmaidens of the Norse god Odin.